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Jared Moore — Sandler Training

Are you struggling with growing your business? Have your numbers been flat for several years? Could it possibly be your sales process? Or maybe you have the wrong players in place for selling? Jared Moore of Sandler Training dives deep with Tom to figure out why his...

Gunnar Graves — Freedom Boat Club Greater Cincinnati

Ever dreamed of owning a boat, but never quite ready to take the plunge? We have the answer for you! Gunnar Graves of Freedom Boat Club talks about his new venture in the boat franchising company. Similar to purchasing a timeshare in a condo, you can now do the...

Paul & Tara Noia — SMILES Integrative Therapy Services

This week we chat with Paul and Tara Noia, owners of SMILES Integrative Therapy Services. Focusing on highly specialized pediatric speech and occupational therapy, SMILES has a unique business with an even more unique business...

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American Dreamers is a talk radio show dedicated to helping small businesses and entrepreneurs succeed. Every week we meet with interesting guests who have a story to tell. We know that their trials and tribulations can help anyone struggling to start or run a business. Everyone has their own path. We are here to show you the paths taken and help you to take the next step at living the life you want to lead. Dream big. Learn something new every day. And go out there and be an American Dreamer.

people said…

I wanted to say thank you again for your hospitality and for making the radio show so comfortable today. I was amazed at how the conversations just kept flowing. You guys made this a great experience. If you ever need a guest host deal me in. I thought you guys rocked your infomercial segments. They were tremendous adds to the show. You may call this a hobby show, but you guys are a professional team. I will be praying for the show’s future success (and awards).

Brett Harpel, Owner

Accelerated Accountability

I just wanted to reach back out to you both and thank you, once again, for the opportunity to be interviewed American Dreamers. I really enjoyed the experience and I had so much fun working with you all. If you are ever interested in having me join you again on the show, please know that I’d be very happy to help in any way (whether be about the book, about MGM Consulting, or just about starting/running a business and ways that I’ve helped leaders excel at their own family owned, privately owned business).
Thanks for Everything!

Matthew G. Marvin

MGM Consulting

I really enjoyed meeting you! Thanks so much for getting TruStar the opportunity to be on the American Dreamers radio show. Though I was a bit out of my comfort zone, you, Sunny and Tom made me feel very welcome. Please let me know if there are other opportunities to work together. Though I don’t seek out speaking opportunities, I’m willing to engage now to share the wealth of mentoring and leadership experience I’ve had. I wish you the very best, Robynn! Please let me know how I can best support you and your business.

LeRoy Robbins, Owner


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