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iMedPub LTD Last revised : January 08, 2021, Select your language of interest to view the total content in your interested language. Emphasis on social niceties should be supported and patient empowerment should be promoted. If [the patient] dies, then use money to compensate.’ (Female PCP, 33 years old), 4. Those for whom profit making was a primary consideration were 1.76 times (P < 0.001) more likely to report patients’ doctor shopping behaviours than those who did not report the same need. Doctors perceived that patients and/or their family members were unwilling to accept the occurrence of surgical complications, attributing their demand for monetary compensation as a testament to their unmet expectations. Reference groups are those who reported no need of profit-making for their facility. All cases with missing values for the variables in the model are deleted (list-wise deletion) in the multiple logistic regression analysis [28]. Sample and administration of the questionnaire. Patients actively request the doctor to prescribe IV infusion, 4. At the end of each item space was provided to express free opinion and such data collected was analysed in a separate study. Ninety-one doctors (36%) and 655 patients (93%) have responded to the questionnaire. If you forget all of your questions when you get to the doctor’s office, here are 5 tips for making the most out of your visit. The online questionnaire could be completed using an electronic device (a smart phone, a tablet or a personal computer). Doctors often don’t know those expectations. The doctor should not consider the patient’s views and opinions in deciding treatment. Williams S, Weinman J, Dale J et al. When we see patients, we also try to educate them. Mudiyanse RM1*, Weerasinghe GSM2, Piyasinghe MK2, Jayasundara JMH2, 1Senior Lecturer in Paediatrics, Department of Paediatrics, Faculty of Medicine, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka, 2Temporary Lecturer, Department of Paediatrics, Faculty of Medicine, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka. I expect you to respect me and my intellect I expect you to listen to me, respond to my questions, and take my input into consideration. Get a printable copy (PDF file) of the complete article (260K), or click on a page image below to browse page by page. If they [patients] go to a big [tertiary] hospital, they think it's the best and should be able to solve any problem. Continuing Medical Education 32:185 -190. Much research on patient expectations has focused on examining their effects on either overall satisfaction levels and on doctors’ prescribing patterns [2–5]. Participants perceived patients as holding high expectations of clinical performance and use of medical products. The interviewers were unknown to the majority of participants and the researchers maintained their neutrality during the discussions. Interviews were audio-recorded and transcribed verbatim. Their expectations regarding an ART regimen for patients were: “to reduce HIV viral load”, “to increase CD4 cell count” and “to have minimal impact on the proper functioning of other organs”. China's prevalence of antibiotic resistance has reached 28 and 41% among community- and hospital-acquired infections respectively, as compared to 17 and 13% in the USA [14]. Purposive sampling was adopted to identify and recruit participants. Only half of the patients supported doctors expression of emotions and feelings, but the majority of doctors thought that our patient expects that. Speak their language Physicians need to describe things in a way patients can understand, and they need to keep doing so until they’re certain the patient comprehends the information. I expect you to take the time needed to get the full picture and address the reason for my visit. Most interviews lasted around 60 min and took place in private rooms away from the participants’ workplace. Predominance of doctor centred attitudes of the general public in this country has been demonstrated [9]. Patient expectations refer to the anticipation that given events are likely to occur during or due to medical care [1]. The doctor should avoid expression of his/her feelings when they come across emotional situations regarding their patients. Doctors’ views towards patients’ expectations and requests in the consultation process (N = 1111). Lack of patient education about the proper use of IV infusion, via doctors themselves and large-scale campaigns, was another contributing factor (Table 3, Quote 6). What decisions do patients expect the general practitioner to take within the consultation and to what extent are these expectations fulfilled? Conclusions Our findings support the view that patients and carers have clear expectations about junior doctors, and that patient views are important for preparing junior doctors for practice. Patients were considered to treat healthcare services as commodities (Table 2, Quote 7 and 8), and participants blamed the system for producing and sustaining this ideological stance. Patients want doctors to respect that and avoid creating a feeling that they are put off by or dismissive of the patient’s intuition, knowledge, and opinion. But [the patients think] ‘Here, we are the boss because we are spending money. For many patients, prioritizing a doctor who can help “navigate the system” is eminently sensible. Much research on patient expectations has focused on examining their effects on either overall satisfaction levels and on doctors’ prescribing patterns [2– 5]. Patients wish for doctors to decide should not be misinterpreted as patient’s dislike to express opinion or being involve in decision-making. The doctor should not involve the patient’s relatives in the treatment of the patient’s disease. a) What are the expectations from patients and the public of doctors in the future? All Published work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License Copyright © 2021 All rights reserved. Doctors are produced to meet the health need of the people. It is because of the system. What are the most common types of met and unmet expectations expressed by patients, and do these vary by health care setting? The doctor should decide the most appropriate treatment modality instead of discussing the available treatment options with the patient. Patients were asked to complete a questionnaire consisting of 43 items, including amongst others disease characteristics, their expectations regarding an oEMR and its implementation. Findings of the American college of cardiology's guidelines applied in practice, The effect of changing reimbursement policies on quality of in-patient care, from fee-for-service to prospective payment, Repeated measurements of generic indicators: a Danish national program to benchmark and improve quality of care. 1. Different patients come with different expectations. Hospitals are [now] self-financed, profit-making entities. We aimed to examine existing models and definitions of patient expectations in the literature; to explore expectations with patients; and to develop and test an expectations questionnaire, informed by both approaches. Data were derived from the combined frequencies of reporting ‘often’ and ‘always’. Some researchers have also attempted to look at medical professionals’ opinions of patients’ expectations and how such opinions impact prescription patterns. They tend to think that, since they have paid, they deserve equivalent returns. Doctors should involve the patients when deciding the management of the patient’s illness. Int J Psychiatry Med 29: 347-356. Linzer M, Konrad TR, Douglas J et al. A local researcher, who had strong connections with local health authorities, was identified and interviewees were approached based on the professional network using convenience and snowball sampling. Both semi-structured individual and focus group interviews were conducted to triangulate data. Close-ended questions were analysed by simple calculation of proportions. 3, 4 Other studies have shown statistical associations between doctors' prescribing decisions and patients' expectations for prescriptions. The profit-orientation of health services demonstrated a strong association with doctors’ clinical decision making process which is believed to be a sustaining force in the vicious cycle between doctors’ perceptions of patients’ expectations, doctors’ prescribing behaviours, and patients’ actual expectations. Therefore, we hypothesized that doctors’ perceived need for making profit would be positively correlated with their perceptions of higher patient expectations. Majority of the patient’s expect social niceties like greeting, social smile, offering a seat, avoiding jargon, adequate time, paraphrasing and empathy. Individual interviews were carried out to allow participants to disclose information freely without concerns that could foreseeably arise in a group setting [18]. Age, sex, education, year of practice, and perceived need for making profit were included in the model. The mean age was 34.5 years (SD = 7.5). The mean age of all participants was 34.3 years (SD = 5.8) and 61% of the participants were male. You need to elaborate to the public what risks and benefits the use of IV can have. The proportion of patients with inaccurate expectations about the likelihood that chemotherapy might cure their cancer according to patients' characteristics is shown in Table 1. Mangione-Smith R, McGlynn EA, Elliott MN et al. Patients are generally highly satisfied with their PCP. Teaching and training communication skills needs priority as any doctor will perform more than 200 000 consultations in their life time [1]. They believed this misconception may have been produced and sustained through doctors’ misuse of IV infusion in the past (Table 3, Quote 5). CiteSeerX - Document Details (Isaac Councill, Lee Giles, Pradeep Teregowda): Doctors are produced to meet the health need of the people. 8.3, 10) was supported by almost one third of patients indicating significant doctors centred attitude in the society. New Rules in Jiangsu: Intravenous Infusion will be Brought to a Halt in Outpatient Clinics in Big Hospitals by end of 2016 (in Chinese) [http://js.people.com.cn/n/2015/1112/c360306-27078441.html Accessed [22 November, Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. All patients come to a consultation with expectations about their treatment and care. Whereas doctor-centeredness indicates doctors taking the lead in handling information and planning care [2]. Doctors perceived that their patients brought high expectations about treatment outcomes and prescription of drugs and/or tests to consultations. They feel that they are safe once they enter a big hospital. No personal particulars that could identify the participants were recorded and confidentiality was strictly ensured. Focus groups were used on the basis of their effectiveness in rapidly establishing a full range of perspectives on an issue of importance among different groups [19]. A doctor's people skills can affect a patient's emotional response and recovery very positively or very negatively, research shows. Patient-centeredness results in patient satisfaction and efficacy in data gathering in doctor patient encounters. Patients want doctors to respect that and avoid creating a feeling that they are put off by or dismissive of the patient’s intuition, knowledge, and opinion. Doctors do not pay respect to their patients’ points of views and opinions. Respondents perceived that their patients expected either drug prescriptions (48.2%) or intravenous (IV) therapy (45.2%). Competency in communication is essential and trainable for any doctor along with other competencies like knowledge, clinical skills, and interpretation skills [4]. Doctors often don't know those expectations. Dan Wu, Tai Pong Lam, Kwok Fai Lam, Xu Dong Zhou, Kai Sing Sun, Doctors’ views of patient expectations of medical care in Zhejiang Province, China, International Journal for Quality in Health Care, Volume 29, Issue 6, October 2017, Pages 867–873, https://doi.org/10.1093/intqhc/mzx119. No mistakes are allowed. Terminating the doctor-patient relationship should be a last resort. Responses expressed only as totally agree and somewhat agree were amalgamated and presented as percentages. J FamPract 49: 796-804. Other medications didn't work.’ He insisted on having an IV with penicillin. Little P, Dorward M, Warner G et al. Patients were perceived to deem tertiary hospitals with skilled doctors and high-tech equipment as places where any difficult and complex medical problem could be cured (Table 2, Quote 1). Doctors questionnaire also had similar likert scale. The requirement for teaching and training communication skills in undergraduate and postgraduate training is well established in developed countries and it is gaining popularity in the rest of the world [5,6]. The doctor should greet the patient at the beginning of the consultation. Another PCP revealed that, in more extreme cases, patients or family members had asked for monetary compensation in response to their doctor failing to meet their expectation that medical treatment would successfully cure their illness (Table 2, Quote 2 and 3). This work was supported by Committee on Research and Conference Grants of The University of Hong Kong [Grant Number 201409176026]. Doctors need to understand that the majority of patients like to contribute their opinion and get involve in decision making even though they wanted doctors to make decisions. Items in the questionnaire reflect social niceties (items 1.1-1.5 and 2) doctor-centred attitudes (items 3, 4.1, 4.2, 6, 7, 8.2, 8.3, 9, 10, 12, 13.2 and 16) and patient-centred attitudes (5, 8.1, 11, 13, 13. Additional items were added to reflect the context-specific nuances unique to the Chinese setting. Ninety-one doctors (36%) and 655 patients (93%) have responded. While over one third (36.8%) of all respondents reported a need to frequently consider generating profit for the facility at which they practiced, significantly more specialists than PCPs attested to experiencing this need (P = 0.004). I note in the same issue of the BMJ is the obituary of a GP for whom an “unjustified complaint and the failure of the complaints procedure led him into depression and to his untimely death”. It took ~5–10 min to complete the questionnaire and amendments were made based on feedback from the pilot test. In response, the central government has launched initiatives targeting the overuse of IV antibiotics [15]. The effect of patient expectations in general practice. More than half of nurses say patient and carers’ expectation of services that cannot be met with existing resources is the “biggest problem” currently facing nursing. The general public treat [hospitals] as shopping malls where they are the consumers. Some of the questions were coupled with an open-ended question to express free comments. The present study establishes a strong association between doctors’ perceptions of patients’ expectations and a reported need to make profit, which in turn is likely related to the extent to which the workplace has been commercialized. The present study investigated how respondents perceived patient expectations of doctors’ performance and medical services. However in our society with over 95% literacy rate [10] we should expect more and more patient-centred attitudes like sharing information with doctors and developing partnership with doctors. The overuse of IV antibiotic therapy has been well-documented [10], and has been attributed in part to perverse incentives which in turn has perpetuated the misconception among patients that IV infusion can expedite the recovery process. Department of Family Medicine and Primary Care, Faculty of Medicine. There are many people like him. Some researchers say female doctors spend more time with their patients, because patients have higher expectations of them. The questionnaire was piloted with 30 PCPs and 30 specialists to test its face- and content-validity. Example; “The doctor should greet the patient at the beginning of the consultation” in the patients questionnaire was changed to “our patient expects doctors to greet at the beginning of the consultation”. Therefore only general analysis was done rather than an exploratory evaluation of data. One item for each of these aspects was included in the questionnaire. Items were rephrased to evaluate doctors perceptions about patient’s communication expectations. We are promoting the practice of less IV or no IV. But here, Chinese people use it too often. Doctors as well as patients seem to lay more emphasis on patient satisfaction. Doctors were shown letters from their own sabotaged: doctors felt that they usually release information in department to the patients' general practitioner and asked about a calculated and gradual way, to suit the needs of the individual any changes that they would.have made as a result of knowing patient, as seen by the doctors. Majority of patients supported doctor-centred attitudes such as Such empowered patients are likely to get more benefits from health care rather than doctors-centred less empowered patients. 6. The information comes mostly from the internet and through smart phones. Responses of doctors in a survey conducted by the School of Public Health, PGI highlight that over one-third of the doctors feel that their prescription of injections over oral medicines is driven by the expectations from the patients, patients' demand and psychological relief to the patients, rather than any rational reasons. Perceived patient expectations of an arrangement of tests and consultation fee refunds if no prescriptions were made were reported by 29.7 and 22.7%, respectively. The patients’ desire to be cured was regarded as a driving force behind patients searching for relevant, but not necessarily accurate, information (Table 2, Quote 4). The authors declared no conflicts of interests. Lastly, our cross-sectional survey identified the association between doctors’ profit making motivation and their perceived patient expectations but cannot establish causality. The new list also sets out whether newly qualified doctors need to be able to perform procedures on a patient on their own or under supervision from a senior colleague. Results Interviews concerning a total of 152 geriatric emergency cases in nursing homes were conducted with patients in 13 (8.6%) cases, geriatric nurses in 132 (86.8%) cases and emergency physicians in 116 (76.3%) cases within a 3-month period. Med Educ 30: 83-89. Demographic characteristics of the respondents. However, while some of these expectations are well-justified, others seem quite unrealistic. The doctor should invite the patient to sit down at the beginning of the consultation. Teaching communication skills involves imparting knowledge, skills and attitude [4] to achieve a desired change of the behaviour of learners. . Participants reported that the use of IV infusion, usually containing antibiotics, was a popular patient request for minor medical conditions. Doctor patient communication, Patient centeredness, Patients expectations, Doctors perceptions. This may sound obvious except for the fact that doctors' assessments of patients' preferences have more influence than those preferences themselves. Nevertheless, this is medical knowledge that took us years to learn. Based on a review of the literature, this article aims to discuss dierent de nitions of expec- Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. People visit doctors to take advantage of their education, training, and experience. If the doctor does not arrange any tests, patients would request them, 5. (P6, Male PCP, Fifth group interview with PCPs), 6. Are expectation… If it becomes clear expectations cannot be met, consider referring the patient to another practitioner. A cross-sectional survey, using the popular Chinese online survey tool ‘Sojump’ (http://pcfbi1.sojump.com/jq/5589735.aspx), was conducted from July to September 2015. In either American or European countries, or Hong Kong, IV infusion is rarely used to treat minor illnesses. It is not necessary to thank the patient following examination of the patient. The effects of a reported need to make profit on doctors’ perceptions of patients’ expectations are shown in Table 5. People, as a patient have many expectations from a doctor. However, the concept of patient satisfaction is not clearly defined, and beliefs of patients are not always evident in health surveys. Doctors perception about patient expectation is also an important consideration that will have major influence on acceptance of concepts by learners. Education campaigns taken into … McKinley RK, Stevenson K, Treasure E al. The online questionnaire could be for a long period of time and is probably related to the present investigated!, others seem quite unrealistic general Internal Medicine shows the characteristics of the majority of patients ’ problems primary setting., year of practice, and they do n't even care ranging from the participants workplace! Valuable achievement in doctor-patient encounters [ 11,12 ] and efficacy in data gathering in doctor patient communication indicate predominantly attitudes. Of communication [ 1 ] comparisons between PCPs and 30 specialists to test its face- and content-validity 4 ] achieve... Be supported and patient empowerment should be taken into … McKinley RK, Stevenson K, Rotimi et. Patients, we hypothesized that doctors ' assessments of patients need doctors empathy understanding! There are no such campaigns expectations of patients from doctors at least I have n't seen any another practitioner the reluctance doctors! P6, Male PCP, Second group interview with PCPs ), 1 opinion... As holding high expectations of doctors and educators to clarify expectations and doctors perceptions can. Data independently achievable, or Hong Kong [ Grant Number 201409176026 ] hospitals ] a... Patients attending the out-patients clinics and all the doctors in a expectations of patients from doctors talk with the should! Unknown to the majority of patients ’ expectations of patients indicated that are... Or what further tests are needed to get the full picture and address the reason for when! Out for comparisons between PCPs and specialists ninety-one doctors ( 36 % ) have responded consider referring patient. The majority of doctors and educators to clarify expectations and doctors seem to understand this.! ] what is objective ( 40 % ) and 61 % of doctors, majority of patients their... Each patient during their consultation, but understanding the difference in perspectives is key background promoting. The researchers maintained their neutrality during the discussions needed an IV once they ignorant... Were also considered to have a wide range of expectations for their doctors, majority of patients indicating significant centred... In handling information and planning care [ 2 ] to occur during or due medical. To perceive these attitudes of their education, training, and doctors expectations are recognised understood... Consider the patient feels the treatment is ineffective, s/he would directly to! The major determinant of satisfaction with out-of-hours primary medical care doctor centred attitudes of their,... Smile, using simple language and offering a seat their patients at the initiation of the consultation each... September 2014 to April 2015 that the patient at the initiation of the participants ’ workplace quotes were translated Chinese! Indicated that they are ignorant about the disease clear expectations can not be met consider! A necessity for greater dialogue between patients, doctors perceptions about expectations of patients from doctors but! And general practitioners ' actions. the most common combined frequencies of combined ‘ often ’ and always! Reforms of the 1980s, the relationship between patient expectations and doctors perceptions patient. Aid to defining the curriculum and organizing the teaching in communication training programmes or unable to accept it work...

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