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About Us|American Dreamers


American Dreamers is a talk radio show dedicated to helping small businesses and entrepreneurs succeed. Every week we meet with interesting guests who have a story to tell. We know that their trials and tribulations can help anyone struggling to start or run a business. Everyone has their own path. We are here to show you the paths taken and help you to take the next step at living the life you want to lead. Dream big. Learn something new every day. And go out there and be an American Dreamer.

Tom Tasset

Tom, along with Sunny Donovan, had a dream. The dream was to create a platform where they could unite entrepreneurs and small business owners, allowing them to share their experiences, both good and bad, so that others may benefit from their knowledge.

As a result, The American Dreamers Talk Radio Show was born. Tom’s passion for radio began at an early age and continued thru college where he studied broadcasting at Northern Kentucky University. Although his career path took him another route (Tom owns a successful insurance agency), Tom enjoys getting back to his roots as the co-host of American Dreamers. We all benefit from his wacky ways, unique perspective and ability to dig-in and bring the stories out of our guests.

When Tom isn’t entertaining us on the radio, he is busy running his own business. Tom is the President/Owner of HTT Insurance Agency, Inc. HTT is one of the largest independent property and casualty agencies in the Greater Cincinnati area. They specialize in finding you the best insurance value possible. Connect with Tom at (513) 741-2100 or through email at ttasset@htt24.com.

Sun Ho Donovan

Along with Tom, Sun Ho is one of the original founders of American Dreamers Talk Radio Show. Sun Ho has a unique story in that she has spent most of her career out in Hollywood, working with some of the best in the business creating and producing films.

Sun Ho’s ability to tell a story on film translates well to radio. She is an entrepreneur at heart and enjoys exploring our guests’ worlds. She likes to enter the conversation sight unseen, preferring what she calls “virginal conversation” and quickly grasps the essence of our guest’s existence while candidly asking insightful and inquisitive questions.

Outside of the radio show, Sun Ho is owner of 513Film, a Cincinnati video production company and has recently launched a new, exciting career as the owner of First Draft Charter offering luxury cruises on the Ohio River.  Find out more at about Sun Ho at www.513film.biz or send her a note at sunhodonovan@gmail.com.

Robynn Anton

Robynn is the newest member of the American Dreamers Talk Radio Show. She brings a new energy to the show as she regularly shares her marketing experience with our guests in an effort to help them gain momentum. In the digital world, marketing changes quickly. What works one day doesn’t work the next. It’s imperative that all business owners and entrepreneurs understand the need to develop relationships and engage with their customers and prospects on the right platform at the right time with the right messaging.

Spending the past twenty years running her own business and working with companies such as Microsoft, P&G, Philips, Coca-Cola, Kings Island, Cold Stone Creamery and St. Elizabeth Hospital, Robynn has a broad range of experience and knowledge to draw from. Find out more about Robynn at RGAcreative.com or by contacting her through email at Robynn@rgacreative.com.